Monday, June 8, 2015

Inconsiderate Bastards are everywhere....

When work is underappreciated, you'll automatically feel demotivated.

Should you let your staff feel demotivated after having to force them work on public holidays and Sunday when they could be resting at home?


On another note:

I gave hints that i am heading to the office after the event because i had to drop a colleague off there.

There were 2 other guys heading to the office to drop off equipments but nobody took the hint and offer their help to send my colleague there for me, knowing i live far away from the office. NOBODY. 

I had to turn in to drop that colleague off, turn back into the highway and send my other colleague home and drive my ass home. In what could take about 40mins to drive myself home i took 2 fucking hours instead. 

I'm happy to drive them home but who is gonna pity me because i have to wake up 5.30am the next fucking day and go to work? Inconsiderate people are everywhere. Real bastards. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

What Happens When.....

What happens when your close friend who used to be closed to you like your own sister does not treat you like this anymore?

What happens when you don't feel the same about one friend anymore than you used to? Like maybe you find that person annoying and mean and you do as much to stay away from that person?

What happens when the place you used to stay at and you really dislike it but now after being right where you are, you actually desire to go back to that place that you once disliked because you thought its better than being right where you are?

What happens when you crave love from people and you crave to give love to others but wasnt appreciated back?

What happens when you have changed your goals but people are still expecting too much of you?

What happens when you feel like you have changed so much and worried that people might find you boring?

So many questions, no definite answer.

Worrying about my future and that i dont have enough time. Constantly chasing after time.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Silence = Pain ?

First of all, I haven't blogged in so long as you can see. Not that I didn't want to, I couldn't log in for some reason. Now all that's fixed.......... Here goes....

" Most women use Silence to express pain. You know she's truly hurt when she chooses to ignore you. "

Saw this quote online. Must say I agree with it.

Lately, I feel really fed up with people. I dunno why, I just don't bother putting in the effort to maintain the relationship anymore.

It's really hard to maintain relationships these days, people are so busy with their lives and are constantly on their phones when they're with you. It's like I don't feel the connection anymore. I feel hurt really, cuz I'm getting ignored and I know how terrible it feels.

So I'm just keeping quiet about it. I don't want to be the mean person telling you off and 'teaching' you mannerisms. People are also hard to trust these days, can't tell if they're really concerned or just trying to get information on your problems and probably gossip behind your back. Not to mention superficial as well. Ugh.

Sick of people, sick of life. I don't think I'm going to make it to age 50.

Ah well..... life is such.

Friday, December 20, 2013

personal attack?

have you ever tried chatting/ sharing something with a friend and it turns into a personal attack?

like WTH right?

well, i was chatting with this guy and we were talking about movies, and i told him that people shouldn't post up personal opinions about a movie on facebook because it will affect the hype or change a person's opinion on the movie as well, given if the other party hasn't even watch the movie.

he turn the conversation into saying 'shouldn't post personal opinions on facebook? but i remember reading a few posts from you lately.' and he meant that i wrote personal opinions (none of which involves movies on my facebook) . like dude, i thought we were talking about movies? so i asked him that question regarding us talking about movies, and he just replied 'ok, you win'.


i thought you find me because you wanted to chat with me, i did not expect you to attack me. F, if you really wanna attack someone, please find another person because from this day onwards i will NEVER initiate conversations with you, not that i usually do, but i will only give you bloody close ended answers from now on.


when you told me a few girls scolded you for being so selfish, well, thats because you are! never met such a horrible self-centered bastard like you. no wonder you have no friends. UGH!

excuse my french!

Monday, November 25, 2013

5 minute chocolate cake

so i made a 5 min chocolate cake in a mug, took the recipe from nigella lawson.

it came out alright, but i think i need to work on it more. something i can reduce or add more of something.

it tasted good though. (:

still got space for improvement. hehe

Whenever I walked into a bookstore....

I always feel like i want to buy many story books to read but problem is, my room/house ain't got that much space to put all the books if i buy 'em.

Also, what do I do with the books once i've finished reading 'em?

I can't throw 'em away, I don't even feel like giving 'em away.



Thursday, November 7, 2013


so i decided to resign from my job because it has taken a toll on me.

thanks to the store manager, i can no longer stand him. my 2nd boss has also decided to transfer branch end of this week. its saddening that everyone is deciding to leave 1 by 1. but it's also good to see the store fall apart under this current store manager's hands.

sick and tired of the management. i'm leaving for good, for my own sake, for my own happiness.

please pray for me to find another suitable job. i'm happy to work in retail, just happened to be under some shitty management this time around. i pray that i can look for a better company and one that i'm happy to work for.

thanks for the support and prayers. peace out~

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

true story

something true and wise that i read online and i totally agree with it ! so i would like to share it here to remind myself to love myself more.

~ as you grow older, you will realise that it is not important to have many friends but more important to have real friends beside you.

you will also realised that you will not take any bull shit at work because you value your own happiness more. why suffer silently at work when you can be honest and just leave to find something you will love doing. and by doing that, you will find true happiness in life.